Using (making) a PDF for a UIButton Image

I have seen examples where the “text” of for a UIButton was a small PDF File for example a SQR ROOT symbol

But nowhere can I find HOW to make said files.

Right now I have an app that creates PNG images, but they have to be “template” types as they are overlayed on the colored background of the button. On an iPhone or iPad they look fine. but on AppleTV they are blurry.

Now before you say anything. I have TWO versions of the PNG

for the iPhone/iPad they are all 128x128 and saved as @2x. The different size devices seem to scale these quite well.

For the ATV, I created another version of each image, 128x48 @1x which is the exact size of the buttons on the ATV (since there is only one resolution to worry about), and still they look “bad”

Some of these I could just use the btn.titlelabel as they don’t have any fancy to them
such as

but others don’t fit the “text” paradigm
such as

NSImage has an isTemplate property that I’m able to set True after loading a transparent PNG and it works as expected in Xojo with plugins. Maybe it works the same in Swift?

The pngs you posted have rough edges, I’m not sure you should continue using the program you are using.

That is exactly what I am doing

I would like to extend my thanks to Tim Parnell for taking on the task of creating 86 custom PDF files for me… I have replaced the corresponding PNG files in my app with the PDFs he made, and the results are much better…