Using Git with Xojo

  1. USE TEXT projects (everything else is actually a work around)
  2. do NOT try to DIFF binary - you get nothing useful
  3. do NOT use XML - diffs built in to any decent git tool suck
  4. LEARN how to use GIT sub projects - they will make code sharing even nicer than you can manage in Xojo (where you have NO specific control and ALWAYS import THE latest version of whatever shared item) AND you CAN use DIFFS just like they are any other piece of a project

Git doesnt track FILES - but directories - for sub projects
The ONLY trick to using GIT sub projects effectively is to put any “shared” project code into a folder in your Xojo project

Diffing XML WILL require you to use some other tool to do the DIFF (like Arbed) which may/may not be right up to date and may/may not support whatever project type you are working in
DIFFING text items requires no extra tools
Most GIT clients have diff built in

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