Using feedback as it should be

It is no secret that I’m a huge fan of B4X and the accessibility to its creator. Here is a small illustration why:

While announcing a new feature yesterday (inline casting) to the B4X language, not everyone was happy with its implementation. We were all excited with this new functionality, but some of us proposed some alternative syntax’s to improve readability.

Instead of Xojos reaction: ‘We know best, you do not know what you are talking about’, Erel did listen to his users and went back to the drawing board, taking all the users inputs into consideration. Already the next day, he proposed the new more readable and better comprehensible syntax, which was welcomed with open arms.

So without being all secret and by not throwing something (that has a profound impact) at your users, you can prevent a shitstorm of angry users/posts on your forum AFTER you release it, just by consulting them BEFORE. And you get a happy community instead.

You just have to love that kind of ‘using the feedback from your users’! Something Xojo should’ve learned a very long, long time ago…


Yeah, something to learn for everyone when it comes to listening to your users. :clap:


Does Erel come to the community before he implements things to bounce ideas around before he commits time to something?

Most of the time, Erel does show (intermediate) progress when he adds something new (like he did in my post) which allows plenty of time to give feedback. In my 10+ years I worked with B4X, there never was a Old Framework - New Framework - API 2 or a Web 1.0 - Web 2.0 surprise moment. The features added are extensions, not replacements.

Reason: He is ‘a man with a plan’ and is always miles ahead in thinking about the future. Probably one of the reasons an investor jumped in which allowed him to open source the core libraries and make B4A free for everyone too.

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and B4J and B4R too…

The difference: b4x is taking care of their customers needs.

The improved solution is in post 53 on page 3.

Very nice indeed.


That feedback was way before any final decision was made.

And when B4X published the beta, this comment was added to the release notice.


Both. He tries to holt things alive

Floating the idea to “the community” before its so far implemented its unlikely to be alterable seems like such a smart move

Certainly would seem to engender a better sense of buy-in from a much sider audience


It seems that Erel and Anywhere software, has a completely different view on the community, than some other noname company we know of…

An entire different philosophy infact