Using AirDrop

In Swift I have figured out how to send a file FROM the iPhone to my Desktop using AirDrop… but can’t seem to figure out how to associate my app in such a way that the documents folder of my app on the iPhone is a destination to recieve them

I see you got the file TO the phone but its not associated with an app

that would, I presume, be a function of an app having a UTI that matches that file
and then that app is a viewer or editor

not sure how to poke around on iOS and know what UTI’s apps define but that would seem to be consistent with how things work on the mac

yeah that is what I thought… but can’t seem to figure out the right plist entries to make

well SO far it seems you just need to add this to the pList file … but I now need to determine that it actually ended up where I wanted it… Seems the app itself doesn’t control AirDrop… so it isn’t a single step operation