US Government approved programming languages

I can’t read that document from Taiwan, I did find this one however.

The White House is asking the technical community to switch to using memory-safe programming languages – such as Rust, Python, Swift, C#, Java, and Go – to prevent memory corruption vulnerabilities from entering the digital ecosystem.

This article is a good explanation.

This topic memory safety can lead to hot discussions.

On one side there are programming languages like swift and java where they have some “designs” about that.

On the other side if you are not taking care as a developer you open other security holes.

There are several reactions on this in the communities and also (indirect, common about memory safety) from Bjarne Stroustrup. E.g here.. The video link with Bjarne in that comment section.

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It’s not just the USA, that guidance has been distributed right across the Five Eyes.

Not much of a rebuttal though, is it? The fact problem 2 is of greater severity is not a reason to avoid dealing with problem 1.

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Guess I should scrap my plans to learn ADA :slight_smile:

Not sure I get it, Ada is one of the recommended languages.

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How long will it be before we see a blog posting by Geoff about how Xojo is memory safe? :wink:

  • Karen

Hah… Nearly spat out my tea… I bet you, that’s what will happen.

That’s a good one! Had a hearty laugh. Thanks!


Its not
There are some seriously fun tricks you can do with Ptr’s & memory blocks :stuck_out_tongue:

BEST joke I’ve heard in some time !

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I would laugh if it would be a joke but it is not. The entire language discussions are simple: memory sacurity is one of the most important. Java has for example mo problems, C# also not.

Is Xojo possibly memory sa…Ahh naaa I don’t think so and I know that not. How he will declare that? Too many things are not getting cleared from memory.

And Go has built-in checks for security vulnerabilities. You have to run the check, but it’s updated ALL the time. Xojo is a black box and we’re told it’s safe but I think it’s safe only because no one knows about it. Security by obscurity.


Na, we have done several vulnerability attacks in our lab. It is not memory save and not memory secure. That’s the end of the Story. Beside the fact that it is a black box they have no Idea about cyber security. And because there is no Idea there is also no solution. Not even far away.

On the other side is xojo a Language most Desktop apps written are not in security sensitive environments. So what? No problem. I guess they do not even know about their leaks.

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