Upgrade SQLite version under macOS

My Catalina has SQLite 3.28.0
Xojo uses its “own” SQLite install (2019r1.1 has 3.26, and I think 2020 has 3.33?)

My issue is, Swift programs use the SQLite installed to the current version of OSX , so in my case 3.28
How can I (easily) upgrade to the most up to date version of SQLite (just happens to be 3.34)?

Homebrew I think

First install homebrew

Then install its “forumlae” for sqlite

Thanks… too much trouble for zero to no benefit I’m thinking…

just whatever incremental bug fixes thse point releases have fixed which may not be that significant

FWIW: I wrote a little “tutorial” in case someone has a need for homebrew on Apple Silicon, as a port to ARM is not planned anytime soon.

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