Updating the IDE (spinoff thread #1)

Thats one possibility

Basically use the IDE as “just the compiler”

Can we just focus on the topic of the thread and leave assessments of Xojo’s current state in the threads ?

Please ?

Back to the OT, another design change suggestion (for the current IDE or any future replacement) is get rid of the tabs in the Inspector. There are already section labels to separate items within the list, and the Inspector can already scroll if there’s too many items to fit. So why further divide up the Inspector with tabs? Supposedly, the “gear” tab is for advanced properties, but that doesn’t bear out in reality. Who considers the font information or description to be “advanced”?

It becomes tedious to have to click the gear icon to get to the rest of the Inspector properties. And it makes no sense when there’s plenty of room (most of the time) for everything in one pane. I’d rather have to scroll on some items than have to click another tab on all items to get to all the inspector properties.


indeed I think if the inspector had collapsible sections it would be a single pane instead of multiple tabs

NO! Not collapsible sections either. Then it’s just one more thing to have to click. A compromise might be for the collasped/uncollasped state of each section to be preseved when selecting different project items.

If I’m trying to review/edit an inspector property across multple items, I want to reduce the amount of clicking required to accomplish this.

oh I’d insist on preserving that state so you set it up once like you want it and off you go
something the current one sort of did once but does no more

and maybe it starts with everything expanded

I suspect that its likely compact enough that everything fits in most cases anyway

I just found one reason why/how this happens. If you use the Filter function at the top of the Navigator on a locked tab, it filters the entire project, not just the tab’s contents. Then when you clear the filter (or close/reopen the project, which clears it), it then reverts to showing the entire project with nothing selected. And no way to return the tab to the state it was initially.

I don’t use this filter function very often, maybe because of this, but just forgot why I don’t use it.