Updated the App Wrapper page with feedback from the Sleep Aid web page

So, as the title suggests, I updated the App Wrapper web page to better match the new Sleep Aid page that y’all had input on.

One of the common “things” I heard was that y’all don’t like scrolling pages so much. So for App Wrapper, I added a sticky navigation bar to the top of the page (and styled like something from the macOS), which allows you to click through to different sections of the page.

Let me know what you fine folk think of this.

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I think it presents app wrapper very nicely


Thanks Norman.

It looks good. But wouldn’t it be good to refer more clearly to other products of yours?

I don’t know if anyone would mind that you didn’t prominently mention that the app is Intel only. I don’t understand all the people who don’t install Rosetta 2, but I’m already a customer :wink: … Maybe you would have warned me during the ordering process, I haven’t tested that.

The universal binary should be possible or not?

The reason App Wrapper still isn’t ARM native is because I boxed myself in. I am faced with a decision that I haven’t been able to make.

Either I put in a lot more work or I buy a Pro license and support “2.0 DesktopControls”.

Neither option feels very good against the backdrop of negative growth of Xojo add-ons since “2.0 All The Things™” started.

So I focused my energies on products who’se market share and profits are increasing, hoping that one day I’ll have a clear answer, but alas that day hasn’t arrived yet.

The other thing that makes it difficult for me is that I hate bloated apps, and App Wrapper is currently verging on 50MB, once it’s UB it will be almost 100mb, but only 50mb is actually usable.