UITableView - opinions

I have an app that thru out uses a total of NINE (9) UITableviews… each one displaying a completely differnent type of data. but each one requires the same types of user interaction

  • obviously to display the data (this is done via custom cell views)
  • Delete the data (this is done with a left swipe on the row)
  • add a new record… (this is done via a button on the Navigation Bar)
  • and finally EDIT the data…

Right now for this the user must tap the cell Accessory area. I don’t want Edit to be invoked by simply selecting the row, as this would cause too many “false” reactions.

I was thinking of invoking either a long touch, or double tap?

What is the common consensus on these features… ?

For what its worth, this is personal health data (like daily blood sugar readings etc)

leaning towards… Swipe left to Delete, Swipe Right to Edit

many apps seem to use tap to get to more details
And then thats a different view and ther’s an edit button or something in the upper toolbar

set the cell accessory type as disclosure.

cellData.AccessoryType = MobileTableCellData.AccessoryTypes.Disclosure
then push to the editing screen from selection changed event in the table.

That seems to work on my iOS app