Typical Xojo


This is a remarkable new ‘feature’ that won’t work for anyone but Geoff. Xojo at its finest.


Look like it was deleted

  • Karen

Its in the beta test locked section

Nice to know that a few people do some testing!


from that report I can guess

  • William probably got dumped on for putting a fix in for 2024r3
  • as Valdemar reports its brand new & busted
  • The fix is going the NEXT release ?
  • And I’d guess William assigned it to 2024r3 because the SHIP DATE for 2024r2 IS ALREADY set !
  • and we’ll ship on a specific date not “we’ll ship when its ready”

if they JUST sat on a release for another week after they posted the last beta to see what else crops up would ANYONE notice that the release went out a week later ?
Or if they scheduled fewer items for a release, completed them all, THEN shipped ?

They’d avoid Stop kicking the milestone down the road


I’d guess they could do something like

  • each guy pick your 25 items to get done this cycle of about 90 days
  • thats THE LIST for this cycle
  • we ship one week after they are ALL done & beta tested & no more bugs are reported against them
  • it DOES mean we complete EVERY last item

notice there is NO date set until AFTER beta testing is DONE

and NO ONE would notice or care
and fewer bugs would hopefully escape into the wild
and fewer things would just get punted over & over & over

sounds a LOT like an actual agile process in many ways

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There is no chance for this. You know it.


I wonder, does the genious really think that someone is watching xojo ready to steal the next big feature??? Even when some parts of the framework is decades outdated :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Or why is the beta closed and secret?

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There WAS at one time an ALPHA group
That made sense to be private

As for why betas are closed & private … no idea
Some “special benefit” for some users ?
Although it really benefits Xojo more than anyone

Closed so maybe they dont get raked over the coals by their entire user group at once ?

Make up your own reasons ?

I truly couldn’t tell you why

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I feel like it’s a way for them to just cancel or postpone a feature that gets not “ready enough” for the upcoming [beta] release.

Really dunno any more

Tims not wrong here

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Fun with db encoding. Xojo is priceless :sweat_smile:


I think this says it all


All are employees, … err; all were employees…

Honestly, this is how I got involved with the pre-release (then called the beta) list to begin with. 20 years ago brand new features, highly touted, didn’t work - in any way, shape, or form. Sadly, nothing has changed from a quality perspective.

But then that’s why we’re all here. There’s only so much you can/will take before you say enough is enough. I think for many of us quality is the thing we want the most.

Does anyone give a rats *ss about a database connection class? What problem was it solving that wasn’t relatively easy to solve already?

I made a comment to an MVP that I’m still talking to about the new class and he asked if Geoff could contact me and get more information. I said sure, but also said I doubt he would contact me. It’s been weeks. Geoff doesn’t care about quality and hasn’t since I’ve been associated with Xojo.


At this point, I don’t expect them to change, I mean they got my hopes up a little when announcing preemptive concurrency, but then I recalled how it went with workers, half baked, didn’t listen to requests or feedback, led to a useless feature. You’re better off creating a console app in a different language and then using declares to launch it.

It’s kinda sad, because Geoff repeats the same thing, over and over and somehow expects a different result. I’ve also come to the conclusion, he just needs to keep it ticking over a little while longer, and can then retire, makes no sense to invest in the company if you’re just gonna walk away from it, and let someone else win from your effort.

Whoever takes over from him, if anyone, has a tough challenge ahead to make Xojo grow, if it’s not already too late.

my Opinion it was too late around 2019 when API2 hit

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With the end of Web 1.0 and API 1 it was ended up, correct.

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