Two App Store questions

Two questions:

What is the minimum Xojo version that you can use to write Apps for the Mac App Store?

What is the minimum iOS version you can develop App store apps for? There are still a lot of old iPhones around (like iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, etc) that could be used for something more productive - but can you actually get software to them?



I have no technical challenges with 2018r3, for the Mac App Store.

Don’t do iOS at the moment, so I can’t help there.

For iOS, forget about anything prior to the iPhone5s
the iPhone4 maxxed out at iOS9.3

current AppStore minimum requirement is iOS12.1 which means the minimum iPhone is the iPhone5S (“S” not plain 5)

As such, I have opted to support only 13.2 and above… meaning the minimum iPhone for me will be the iPhone6S (the iPhone6 maxxed at 12.4)

EDIT : SDK <> iosVersion… sorry… you CAN support down to iOS9.3, but you might find there are features you can’t use

I just tried to compile my latest project for 9.3 and got 3 errors for features only available in 10 or newer, and one for 13 or newer

That’s what I thought. The idea was to use old iPhones for school quizzes, as Baby monitors, security cams etc but the problem is to get the software on.

Thanks, that’s good to know.

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well for now you can try to compile for iOS9.3 (not sure if Xojo will let you choose or not)

I was in error… Apple requires a minimum of SDK12.1 … but am assuming they still accept support for iOS9.3 since the most recent Xcode that I have still does