TOF: Unable to stop a window showing before ready

Here is good example of how Xojo is driving new devs - and also experienced devs - nuts.
See the solution in post #53.
Touted as a low code platform, what a nonsense!

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Reading the solution I would say: another workaround but this one is unacceptable. Sometimes I need to set a Window invisible. And that…wow…what … I can’t find the words

Below screenshot is one of Xojo’s main problems and one that GP always wanted to talk me out of, or rather I’m the problem child, of course.

I deny the Inc. any knowledge of how professional software development and businesses work. We developers have dependencies on plugins and our own product roadmaps and we don’t have the time to test an alpha for weeks nor to completely change our code when migrating to a new release. So you just don’t get the bugs of a release solved because you simply can’t migrate to the latest and “greatest”. Bad luck.

But Xojo has a silver bullet as a solution: “Use the new release for new projects only.”
You just have to let this statement melt in your mouth.

These are exactly the problems that new users don’t understand and then rant about INN that people are only bitching here. I was one of them too. Also because I had a lot of small projects and fortunately the older projects didn’t cause any major problems or the customer didn’t use them forever.

But if you fall into the trap of not being able to switch easily and quickly with one of your projects, because of an architectural change from Xojo or a show stopper, then you’re just unlucky in their eyes.

In this respect, I agree with the Inc. on one point, pros are not the target group.

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How could it be that pros are target group? If then the Software would be pro Level and not like it is now.

I’ve probably just been occupied with Xojo longer. That used to be their advertisement and their praised and valued target group, but that was before it was now all the sudden “low code”. The next level could be “no code” followed closely by “no users”. Probably based on their success of “no android”, I don’t know.


The Android Story I can even understand. They didn’t get it ready and did not released something not ready. Hurraaaaahhh. Needed behavior. And the Target users group: I know that they were targeting for pros but I also learned that their behavior told me another Story. Entirely. So sad it is: today they changed that away from pro users. To late for me.

Yes, of course. I’m the last one who wouldn’t understand saying “shit, we’ve opened our mouths too wide”. At the end they managed to do that with the promised Web1 to Web2 migration, with the Feedback Web App, with the documentation, with the forum software that was promised at the time, etc.

IMHO it’s embarrassing to keep saying it’s almost done and sticking with it for years and we all know what to expect. It’s a shame they don’t understand that it’s impossible to market Xojo as a user because anyone who does a little research will ask you what’s going on.

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Just my 5 cents on that “workaround”: This won’t work with seamless Apps on RDS Terminalserver with multiple displays.