TOF : Tiff/Gif

There was a post on TOF about loading TIFF files… I don’t know if anything changed, but a few years ago I wrote an Xojo graphics program, and to load/save TIFF or GIF I had to resort to using the macOS Utility SIPS. Xojo would only load BMP, PNG and JPG formats

If would first save it as PNG, the use SIPS to convert it to TIFF or GIF

On macOS tiff’s should just load since everything is based on NSPicture which definitely loads those as well as PDF’s and others

SVG is the only one I think that isnt possible as there isnt an OS library on any platform

As I said this was years ago… and Preview would load them, but Xojo (at least then would not)

I believe since 2019r2 it supports TIFF and GIF as well. But not on Linux.

yeah the result of that thread had to do with the item being copied form a FAT drive which has this odd behaviour