TOF: Feature request that'll never happen

Isn’t that all customer feature requests? Especially from customers who’ve used the product for more than 5 minutes?

Hey, I’m realistic… Xojo as a language doesn’t grow any more. Still, I figured I’d put the feature request in so it can collect cobwebs.

I’m waiting for the CEO to start arguing, “Xojo’s language is still growing, just look at API 2.0, which brings great benefits”.

Fatter, slower apps with new to you bugs that Xojo has no intention of ever fixing.

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Yeah he conflates “the framework” with “the language” everywhere
While they are VERY closely related they are not the same thing

Excepting for the addition of VAR I dont think language has changed in a very long time

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Adding VAR makes the world of difference, I couldn’t believe how much my life improved when I could type var instead of dim. Pffft…

Ironically, in the code I’ve written over the last few days, I’ve had to use VAR, but I think I have used LET. Understanding the difference is one thing, but going from a language that doesn’t differentiate mutability to writing full time in one that does, is a mind switch.

Ironically I felt more comfortable with Objective-C using different classes to differentiate mutability.



or one that cares about case in the source and data :slight_smile:

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IIRC, he recently acknowledged in the forum that this move to API 2.0 shouldn’t have been done that way.

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I cannot believe that. Can you share the link, pleas ?

That’s kind of the point though. He had people around him telling him it was a bad idea. I was saying it when I was still with Xojo, back when it was called the new Xojo framework. Yes, there were things to fix. No, we didn’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

If Xojo were being developed today from scratch, API 2 would be fine. I mean, there’s nothing particularly wrong with the changes. Opening and Pressed probably are better event names. But Xojo comes with legacy, and that was essentially ignored.

The reality is there was no fix. So you suck it up and know that you want those event names, but there’s too much legacy that you don’t want to disrupt, and you live with it.

Every language has this problem. You don’t think the PHP devs wouldn’t love to go back and make strpos and str_replace more consistently named? Hell yeah they would. But it’s not worth the trouble.

I’ve been saying this since the idea was first brought up. Initially privately of course.


Hmm… It looks like it was about Web2, not API 2.0:

Sorry for the confusion.

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I heard that one of his dismissal arguments was that the customers “would get over it”. Latest speculation is that Xojo has lost 1/3 of their customer base.

And a few more recently started souring on Xojo.

not enough for our “stable genius” maybe we have to wait a little bit more…

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