TOF : Debug app doesn’t make it to the Simulator

The only thing I can think of is the sqlite db file is located in a custom folder in SpecialFolder.ApplicationSupport. On first run I create the custom folder and the db file. But that code never executes because the app never makes it to the Simulator.

Just a guess, but on iOS “SpecialFolder.ApplicationSupport” doesn’t exist until YOU create it

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Fun with Xojo:

More “fun”:

I cant completely fault Xojo here
Apple has increasingly made doing such thing s SUCH a pain in the rear
Xcode does whatever it wants because, well, WE’RE APPLE !
But they wont share how to do this, create a usable framework, or anything because Everyone just uses Xcode dont they ?

EDIT : In this one regard Android is likely to be easier to deal with then iOS
We’ll see about the rest of Android once it ships I guess

Xcode and Xojo are not the only IDEs for developing iOS applications. How do other IDEs fare in terms of testing and debugging?

It is true that Apple isn’t particularly keen on assisting competing development platforms. It is also true that Xcode is for free and Xojo is asking for money. I‘d expect Xojo sparing developers that kind of hassle because this is why it is paid for - ‘cross-platform’ says marketing.

While busy with Web2 and Android they have neglected other platforms.

I truly have no idea
I haven’t written an iOS app using anything other than those two - yet :stuck_out_tongue:

It certainly seems to me that easing this process would be something they should do
However, I would expect that since they are going to transition iOS and Android to a single “Mobile” platform I dont expect them to invest much time in this

While busy with Web2 and Android they have neglected other platforms.
I’d tend to agree
I could relate my experience while I worked there but it will have to suffice to say iOS seems particularly afflicted by that - more so than other targets

I don’t expect a working easy-to-use product in our lifetime.

Its funny how they love throwing stones while sitting in a glasshouse:
Screenshot 2023-08-05 at 15.32.30

Quite easy with flutter for instance. If you can read, you have things installed in a few minutes.

You chose your simulator or physical device from within your IDE (VSC, IntelliJ)

and you can run it on multiple devices in parallel:

Oh, but careful, it comes with hot reload, so you do see your changes instantly … and you have to get used to the speed difference to Xojo and that it works on Android …

Another annoyance for the book readers: the help in your IDE has many video tutorials embedded … :slight_smile:

Edit: the installation process can be found here: macOS install | Flutter

Alternatively use react-native, that’s even easier and will use the native controls on the device. Performance issues? Unless you are trying to develop games, you won’t notice them.

Plus flutter comes with an impressively good test suite to simulate user interactions etc. Can’t remember that Xojo iOS does include anything like that - I might be wrong, but that alone is definitely a deal breaker in 2023.

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I think that USED to actually name Hal by name

But since he’s since bailed out on Xojo they just removed his name

I’ve used flutter but was solely focused on Android and haven’t tried my project in an iOS sim or device

But I should since the reason I even started looking at flutter was because a single project could be used for both

good reminder !

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When will that happen? My bet … 2043 in March. Definetly always after your license expired :slight_smile: - Flutter, react-native, CN1, Corodova etc. - all for free … VSC Code for free, Intellij Ultimate or Android Studio for free … They really would need to exel in many areas but they don’t.

I only see one possible business case to use Xojo mobile: if you don’t want to learn anything new … what didn’t even work on the original Xojo iOS with all the needed declares, the interaction with xcode, etc.

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Soon :stuck_out_tongue:
I truly dont even have a wild guess since there will be a ton of changes to make any of this happen.
But - not my monkey. not my circus

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It definitely has a learning curve, but overall it is a lot of fun. You only need to get used to all those nested widgets and hence use from day one an approch to create snippets which you’ll use. And use VSC (at least at the beginning). The flutter plugin has create tools to wrap widgets with other widgets with one right click and change their order etc. Others IDE don’t yet have these features included, at least not on the same level.

B4X also has that… And in my case, I really like that I can make iOS app in my Windows setup. Single B4X proyect for both ios and Android (Also desktop but I dont use it for that)

Desktop Free, Android Free, iOS from 59 USD…


Same with codenameone.

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Classical stalinist move.

yup, so many alternatives, but let’s wait for Xojo Android, perhaps they will surprise us all and change the market … it’s a pity we can’t buy stock from the Green company.