TOF : CarPlay apps?

The answer is NO.
Xojo does not support the creation of either Carplay apps, AppleWatch or AppleTV apps.

Heck in my opinion, it barely supports iPhone or iPad… but that is just my opinion :slight_smile:

And I’ll even bet (but I don’t know for sure), that it won’t support the new feature of allowing an iPhone or iPad app to be run directly on an ARM Mac Desktop (and I’m not talking about Catalyst)


I tried to download applications for iOS to run on my M1 (just to see it running), and I was not able to do that…

They have to be created with the latest Xcode (14) and have the proper flags set…

At this point it’s probably easier to list what Xojo does support, rather than all the project types it doesn’t.

Which is a shame, because Xojo could easily be so much better, but it requires the person who writes the checks to want it to be better.