Today is not going well

Today, I was looking to get creative and do some graphics design that I had planned to create decals since I have been stuck in side for so long. I went to locate my Cricut only to find out that I cannot find the power cord. I had to order a new power cord which won’t be delivered until May 18th. Then I thought, not all is lost! I can simply do a direct print with my Axidraw. Since I upgrade to Catalina, I had to download a new version of Inkscape only to find out that I have to email the Axidraw support for drivers that are compatible. I don’t expect to hear back from them in 2 days.

oh well, back to staring at the wall :frowning:

I should post my MOS 6502 code on github and you can help mess with that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bummer @SpeedLimitChallenger. Lockdown is such a PITA. We’ve become a society used to getting things quickly so it’s really annoying when you have to wait two weeks for something to come from Amazon for sure!

I’ve seen several recommendations from various levels of governments here that are saying “order online from local vendors and avoid the long wait times with Amazon”

Amazon seems to be prioritizing orders from “essential facilities” over just about everything else (which I get)

I observed something about myself due to the quarantine. I used to be an Amazon ordering fiend, where at least every week or every other week I would received a package in the mail. Since the quarantine, I kinda cut the cord from amazon a bit and reevaluate my needs vs wants. Often times, my purchases would be for new interest or projects I wanted to work on and now that amazon has changed how fast something will ship due to priority, I kinda of just stopped. In away, its kinda of like going camping where there is no cell towers thus forcing yourself to adjust to the environment at hand.

The other observation that I observed about myself is that I I can tolerate a few weeks of being at one spot at a given time, anything more than that and I start to go stir crazy. :sweat_smile:

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Its an adjustment isnt it ?

Like when we first moved out here I was upset no one would deliver anything out here
Now ?
Where the damned gun! We got strangers on the property !!!

(not really but …)

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I wish I could stop buying Kindle books off amazon LOL!

Thats easy
Get rid of your Kindle :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel so out of touch. I had to google what a Cricut and Axidraw were!

I need to go to kindle addiction therapy, I have kindle on my phone, laptop and ipad :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to look up Cricut and Axidraw, too. Well, now is the time to clean up the basement. The powercord has to be somewhere. We cleaned out the basement just when Corona started and we found stuff from my childhood which I hadn’t seen in 40 years.

Yesterday I had some fun, too. I had a release. First I wondered why I made a hash of the hash. Which is needed for the Kaju update checker. Then I got the first reports that the dmg wasn’t notarised. I investigated and noticed that I had uploaded the dmg to the root folder. The downloads folder had an older test version.

Wrote to all users again, redid the dmg. Finally the dmg went to the correct ftp folder.

I need to use more automation!

Huh - I think computers can be used to do automation stuff but … I’m not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

You know yourself that automating is work. If I need an hour for something that normally (nice pun, isn’t it?) takes a second I tend not to automate.

AxiDraw is one of the coolest gadgets that I own. Its basically a pen plotter with x / y axis where you can draw on practically anything. I really wish I had it as a kid as I could have done so many homework assignments with it.

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Folks in this business do tend to deal with their need last :slight_smile:

Trust me, it’s the same in every business. Builders never finish home projects, plumbers always have leaky taps etc etc