To wait or not to wait, that is the question


I’ve never used the web framework before, I came to Xojo last November and as there was already lots of buzz about the next framework I decided to wait.

However, now I’m at home all day I’ve completed my workload that was outstanding and am thinking about starting this project. It’s a project for a local non-profit and is taking an existing application that they have and moving it to the web.

The question that I have is this, if I was to start a project now using framework 1 and designed pages with controls and the code behind them and then move it to Web 2 when it’s released what problems might I come across? What is the most time consuming issue that I am going to have?

That is spooky, I wrote the post above weeks ago and just came to the forum to create a post on something else, typed my post, hit create and it put the old one in!!!

I would wait IF I were you
A new version is in the offing and web 1.0 and web 2.0 arent the same duck at all
How much moves successfully I cant say

FWIW you dont create “pages”
This isnt a web site editor - its a web app (not that many folks know or care about the difference)

If you have access to the prerelease builds of Xojo 2020R1 I’d say go for it now. Just jump in with Web 2.0. If you don’t have access then, as @npalardy says, I’d definitely wait.

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Thanks both,

Not sure if you read what I wrote underneath the original post but I typed the post above many many weeks ago before they even released the Web 2 videos and for some reason this forum only posted it today when I tried to post something else! Must have saved it as a draft or something.

I already am a Xojo Tester and do have the pre release version and am coding the app in Web 2. I upgraded my licence to Web after a chat with Greg O’Lone.

Not sure what you mean by that Norman? You do create web pages, they are called that in the IDE and are indeed pages in the browser when app is running. I kind of get where you are coming from as a lot of folks use one page and change things programatically with containers at runtime but they’re still pages at the end of the day. The new framework is starting to blur the lines too with it’s reliance on CSS now that styles have been removed.

The new Web 2 framework makes working with multiple pages easier now that you can store state.

The forum does indeed have a drafts feature

As for “pages” I mean more they’re not “pages” in the same sense as they are with a tool that create static pages (ie/ iWeb etc)
The lines do definitely get burred a lot
And in the end the folks who USE your app really dont care one way or the other

Web 2.0 may or may not have all of the features that Web 1.0 has. I believe Greg had a table in his 2020 xojo video. What will be time consuming would be to get things the way you like it using web 1.0 only to find out that the web 2.0 control interaction is different or may not exist yet. Having to re-write or re-think how you need to do it in web 2.0 is going to be the pain point.

In addition, developing with beta release is always subject to change in future builds. So what you use today, might be different thus creating more frustration. What I WOULD say, feel free to test drive the beta and start game planning how you would create the app in mind. In addition, if you spend sometime in Web 1.0, you might see some start differences where Web 1.0 is more full feature while Web 2.0 is not.

In general my understanding is that the full featuredness should be in Web 2.0 not 1.0
Web 1.0 was a home grown framework created more than 10 years ago - well before YUV and JQuery really got going
Things have matured a LOT in the intervening decade and so web 2 should be more “future ready” - not sure about future proof as things seem to evolve so rapidly

in theory, overall yes you are correct. what i was speaking to is what functionality will exist once r1 is released compared to web 1.0. what i got from gregs video is there are still things not developed yet

My mistake then
I definitely meant “long term web 2.0 should …” but what will be there out of the gate I havent paid attention to and I do recall from the video there being a number of “in the future” type references

All I can say is: :weary:

No, never wait for anything.

You need something right now ? Buy it when you need it, who knows when a better (I do not even say an ideal) verson will come (if any)…

Xojo 2020r1 is released and you are in the middle of a project ? Do not upgrade * ! Finish this project and when you will have a bit of time, look at that version. Time to adapt may be missed at release to the customer time.

  • Now, if you have time at week-end or holydays, you can check any new version, make your mind to it and eventually - if your prospecting developing time to the release date allow it - move to a new version for all good stuff you find in it.

Look at the 2019r2 release and consequences (I guess this will not happens anymore, but who knows ?).

Sorry Emile but that’s not the advice most others have given so I’ve purchased Xojo, downloaded the tester version and am coding in Web 2.0

Loving it to be fair, I think it’s a big improvement.

For a long, long time, all the new fetures take a couple of releases to be really usable. So, be carefull with your proyect if you have a deadline

Dont start a real life project with a beta
Using betas for real paying work or projects you expect to release later because beta’s may add or remove things you depend on in your project
I see they dont have the admonition on the current set* but they used to always say “This is a Beta so be sure to only test copies of your projects!” for that reason - something could go wrong and ruin your project
If it is/was the only copy you’re now screwed

I would not start a new project using a beta that I expect to continue after the beta


  • I have no idea why they stopped saying this but they should still

Certainly use a real project like this to learn
Thats probably the only way to be motivated enough to really test in a significant way

I just wouldn’t start a paying clients project using a beta
Certainly not expecting to get paid for it as things in a beta can be delayed or deferred and that can have a huge impact on timelines for a paying client

That your donating this means all you lose is your time if something gets deferred or delayed
But you’re “footing the bill” as it were so … have at it

As the current state is “not feature complete” I consider it an Alpha.

Exactly. If they couldn’t take (or make) the time to release a feature complete build, then I’m not going to waste my time testing it. Each week I read the new release announcement and see all the “not complete” and “not working” statements and wonder just what they’re doing. At this pace it will be a 2021 release.

Because of the project’s file format that may change?
Why would something break between a beta and it’s “real” release that you can’t recover from/work around?