To RubberViewsWE V2 owners

Hello all,

I have a question about a fellow XOJO lib builder.

I heard that Michel Bujardet passed away last year, owner of . (RIP Michel)

I have Version 1 of the Web version RubberViewsWE and I was looking to get V2 yesterday until I saw a message in the forum. (website is still online, , but there have been no responses to messages and PayPal link error.)

My question is: Do you know of someone who has a RubberViewsWE version 2 or something similar? I don’t mind paying the upgrade fee. Well, I don’t really know what is the ethical way of asking that in those circumstances, but now I’m stuck with an old, non-functioning library.

Thanks for your help,

Anthony has you covered with the next release of his Graffiti Suite.

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Yes, just got a message from Anthony. Thanks.

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