Thoughts on this web page

Can I get your honest opinion on this webpage that I’ve been working on. There will be typos and incorrect images, along with a lack of animations.

Basically I would like to know if it inspires you to download the free trial and give it a try?

If not, what I have got wrong or are missing? What turns you off from the product?

Thank you for your time and honest opinions.

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While the app looks interesting… It is not type of thing I would ever of even thought about searching for. as I can’t think of anytime I’ve had issues with my Mac sleeping when it shouldn’t nor waking when it should.

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Thanks Dave, this is really good inspiration.

“Do you Really know how well your Mac sleeps?”

I’ll use that question to set the tone of the text, so instead of just saying what it is for, it can hopefully make you download the app just to see if it can be of any use.

My opinion isn’t deep, but here are my thoughts:
• I like the blue background very much. It’s calming, relaxing, like sleeping and I feel it’s appropriate for the app’s theme.
• The sections are well ordered.
• The graphics near the top clearly shows what the app can diagnose. I could see myself I’ll need it for my 2013 Mac Book Air :wink:
• The “common Mac sleeping problems” section is nice too. It both shows that you know what you’re talking about (for other guys than us in this forum, who may not already be aware you know Mac OS in depth) and offers quick solutions.

I’m not a fan of the “long scrolling pages” style myself, but I have to recognise it’s of the current time; that’s just me.

As you asked, I’ve not nitpicked (spelling, unexpected shadows, etc.).

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The website is quite impressive and likely important for SEO since it mentions every feature. Perhaps it’s the medical professional in me, but when translated into German, the term “sleep aid” carries a negative connotation. It implies that one cannot resolve the issue independently and requires assistance, possibly through alcohol, cannabis, pills, or a combination of these. This term also brushes against the topic of euthanasia in the German language.

I believe that the different target audiences may not be adequately addressed. As a beginner, I might assume that the tool is exclusively for professionals, as I wouldn’t understand many of the terms. On the other hand, as a professional, I might prefer to be directly addressed as such. Perhaps you could consider addressing both target groups (if applicable) separately?

Additionally, I notice that macOS users might be hesitant to admit that their beloved Mac has issues, and the website frequently discusses problems. I suggest re-framing the context. Professionals could be offered appealing diagnostics (which people enjoy, hence the success of human sleep monitoring tools, even if they’re often ineffective) along with tips and optimizations “With my app you can look under the hood, and discover what you have never seen, etc.”. Beginners should be reassured that they don’t need to worry about anything, as the tool will automatically perform the most crucial optimizations.

Nice-looking and well-structured, as @anic297 has already stated.

Looking through the eyes of a non tech-savvy Mac user, I miss the section that connects my observations (like shorter than expected autonomy when on battery when lid is closed etc., e.g. problems caused by sleep issues, visible to the eye of users) to how Sleep Aid could help remediate the issue.

People with no or little knowledge about the OS’ underlying technology only have their observations as a starting point. That’s where you could connect to them and help them seeing how Sleep Aid could assist.



You’re a professional? “I’ll provide you with all the diagnostics, tools and fixes”
You’re a beginner and you do encouter strange “behaviors”? “Let me help you fix those for you”.

You’re a developer and need urgently sleep aid? “I’ll help you with an automated Xojo uninstaller” :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Oh… This I would like to know about :slight_smile:

Oh… I did not know that. I guess its a bit like the Korean car company “KIA”, which in English means Killed In Action.

This is something that I’m going to look into. Half my battle is explaining things in a way that can be understood.

And yes, even an influencer refused to review the product as they don’t think that Macs have sleeping problems. When I contacted influencers I avoided the ones who never said a negative thing about Apple, so I was surprised to get this response.

Hmm… That’s why I created the 3rd section on common problems and how to solve them. Perhaps this is too much text out of the way? Any ideas on what I can do to improve that?

Unless you’re debugging during Sleep, Xojo is actually pretty well behaved. Unlike some Apple system daemons that can turn into energy vampires during sleep. Even the airportd can sometimes suck as much as 30% CPU during sleep, this level of tracking is coming in an upcoming version.

Okay… Seems like it’s a quirk of Safari and I’ve added the workaround CSS which should alleviate it. Thanks for mentioning it. I was so focused on layout with Safari (which needs some massaging) that I didn’t see this.

btw: Thanks for your positive comments too. while I’m primarily focused on what I can do to improve conversions, it does help to know what others perceive I’ve done right.

and you did already and overall a good job! I think such tools depend really on good reviews from influencers, and perhaps it is worth to talk less about “problems” but turning into the positive spectrum “how to get more power out of your beloved mac”.

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I confirm the problem is gone.

You’re welcome. I really think it’s well done overall.

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Good attitude… I’ll think some more on it.

Sweet, thanks for confirming. In the end I decided rather than trying to add a little CSS to workaround it, I rewrote how it handles those sections so it no longer has a problem that may come back.

Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Thanks all for your suggestions. I’ll keep plugging away at the text with the ideas.


I’d say roll with it. In the US it carries the same kind of “accessory to help sleeping” but with our laws around pharmaceutical advertising it has a higher chance of being related to a prescription drug than what some might consider “bad solutions”.

At least you didn’t name your car Nova (No-go in Spanish) :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks all for your continuied comments. This is what I’ve done so far this morning. Tried to change the “theme” of the text. Spent some more time in Safari and on the phone (Zenfone 9).

You do make nice looking pages
And easy to read

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Thank you Norman. Does that page make you interested to try the product?

Perhaps I’m nitpicking (again :sweat_smile:) but shouldn’t the “d” of “do you really know…” be capitalised?
(grammatically, for sure, but perhaps it’s a style?)

Personally, companies that permit me to install their software on at least two computers receive bonus points in my book. I believe this is worth considering, as many people today own at least two personal computers running macOS.

I would gladly pay a bit extra to have the software available on two devices. However, I am unsure if I am the exception, but given the number of companies offering this option, I doubt it.

If I had sleep issues with my Mac yes
I’d be all over it

Right now I need a way to diagnose wtf is going on with my monitors & mirroring :stuck_out_tongue:

It was gone - but its back every time the machine sleeps, restarts, I log out etc


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It doesn’t seem to happen when I install Windows 11 :thinking: