This is just crazy

Yes - but with ARM one does not exclude the other. THAT is the big advantage. With Intel it was an EITHER OR decision.

What if all this rumouring is juts Apple stuffing the rumour pipeline a a negotiating ploy with Intel ?
Not like we havent seen them do that before.

That said … until APPLE announces this its all fun speculation - until someone gets an eye poked out :stuck_out_tongue:

IF “desktop” ARM is not announced in the WWDC, I’ll not be confident the hardware will be released in 2021. Also would be interesting, as ALL the media is talking as EVERYBODY knows it will be. The facts I have are: 1. There’s an ARM MacOS. 2. There’s an Apple CPU able to become the core of some kind of MacBook Air thing and they really have such plans. 3. People say that leaked infos points 2021 as the year of such release and this is the only “unstable” fact.

Did you see these, personnally ?

Beside that, all of this is rumour.

I love to be optimistic, but I stopped to be it since… the last 50 years. :frowning:

The devices, not. The evidences, yes.