This is just crazy

This HAS to qualify in the “strangest bug you have seen in Catalina”
One tiny little area of one monitor, with 2 attached to the new MBP, the OS will not let me move my mouse into that little area
No idea why not

is it 19 pixels square by any chance?
it might be the Contaminated VIDeo-19 issue which seems to be a Canadian thing only at the moment!

That ranks right up there with C-RAP (Canadian Rap)

EDIT - not sure how big the area is but its annoying as heck
Reported to Apples new Feedback assistant black hole

apart from that the only time I see this on my system is when the monitor connected to the main unit (iMac 27 in my case) and its a different resolution, admittedly its not in the middle of a screen but at the edges, which I am sure everyone has seen.
I find I can’t move the mouse to the monitor at the bottom or top depending on the alignment.
not that I am saying its this, but could the OS be thinking its somewhere else if the resolution of monitors is different???

all 3 monitors are different resolutions but are aligned at the top
always have been since I hooked them up to my old MBP
it never had an issue like it but it was running 10.14
this is brand new with the new mbp unfortunately

and I’ve had the weird cant move issue but this isnt at the edge
its a few hundred pixel inset from the bottom left - a nice little rectangle where the mouse just cannot go
very odd

mmm, not trying to teach a very old man how to suck eggs, but… what happens if you align bottom, or bottom and top, or move monitors physically about just to see if you can confuse the bad old OS, unplug one or spill beer on it, down to straw grabbing right now in the absence of any other bright ideas.

that would drive me mad not doing something about it.

different mouse/pad?

I wonder if this the jerky cursor issue that I’ve started to see people complain about with their 16" MacBook Pros.

I’ll have to see if changing the alignment makes a difference
Its just weird

EDIT : changing alignment to bottom made it go away
Set the alignment to tops and its not returned - yet
So weird

The jerky cursor is something that is odd
I’ve seen it but only randomly so its hard to narrow down a cause or even common symptom

I’m at a loss, for it, only seen people complaining about the cursor being jerky. Some say they think it’s related to GPU switching, but you’re running with external displays, so it should be forced into using dGPU, and from your video, it sorta seems like it might something else.

What pointing device are you using? is it wired or bluetooth?

Wired now
It was BT - but “Lost Connection” finally convinced me to turf the $95 Magic mouse as I was tired of that magic incantation right when I least expected it
Magically code would get dropped where I didnt expect
Files dropped where I didnt expect
And so much other “magic” ! …
Give me a wired mouse any day

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Lol! I hated the Magic Mouse, loved the Magic Trackpad, but got tired of replacing them every 18 months. Now back to using a Microsoft Mouse I bought at the turn of the century.

I think this is my $9 MS Mouse I bought over a decade ago in Redmond

Magic Mouse: replace batteries monthly. Any Logitech or Windows OEM mouse: replace batteries every two years. Sad.

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I’d replace them with the rechargeable ones I have at least daily
In a conversation I had with Thom he said he had issues with the Magic Mouse 1 and he finally just replaced it with a new one and it seems much better
Ay $95 a piece thats crazy expensive so I use my ancient wired keyboard and wired mouse
I’ve never had a “lost connection” message from either

I get why people want to get rid of wires BUT wires are pretty darned reliable (unless the cat eats them) Wireless … not so much in my experience

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I use wired keyboards and a BT Logitech mouse. I have a wonderful utility called Synergy that allows one mouse to be used simultaneously and seamlessly across my PC and Mac - it even does copy/paste between them.

For me the attraction of the Magic mouse is the additional gestures it supported since it has the track pad top
If only Apple would move the charging port on the Magic Mouse 2 so you could plug it in and use it at the same time you could turn the darned thing into a wired mouse OR use it wirelessly
But - no :frowning:
So my wired $9 MS mouse is what I use
Its even reasonably “ergonomically correct”

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I’ve seen that issue too. I just reboot ASAP.

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The Mighty Mouse was the best I had. I used to dismantle them and clean them, but don’t have the dexterity any longer. Pity they made the mechanism so small such that it tended to clog after 6 or 8 months.

Magic mouse now, very irritating as the whole surface area acts as a track pad. Touch it anywhere by accident and it scrolls away like mad.

You’re lucky, Mine would clog within 6 weeks. According to Apple I sweat wrong. Not joking, when my Space Gray MacBook wore off the paint on the wrist rests this was attributed to the wrong kind of sweat.

But this ancient Microsoft mouse has never clogged or stopped working in at least a decade. It’s taken a beating over the years and outlasted many other (far more expensive) input devices I’ve tried.

Personally I never bothered with wireless keyboards as I liked having a USB hub in them. When the last Apple wired keyboard broke, I bought a cheapo ($15) wired one with a USB hub. It’s not as nice to type on as the Apple keyboards, but meh…

20 odd years ago, everything computer related thing I owned was Apple branded… Not so much any more. I am wondering if my next Mac, won’t be an Apple.