This has not aged well

Popped up in my FB feed from XDC 2014.


(Support for Lightbulb is scheduled for Q4 of 2025)
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[quote=“DaveS, post:2, topic:3187”]
(Support for Lightbulb is scheduled for Q4 of 2025)
[/quote(Support for Lightbulb is scheduled for Q4 of 2025)

no. Support for Lightbulb is coming soon!

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Obviously it takes more than there are ‘adequately staffed’.

Must be an Android lightbulb.

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More than are left but a bright stable genius helps, though not CO2 neutral either.

Is Lightbulb in preview now?

Germany had a feature request already in October 2010:

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Steve Jobs II to @Jeannot: “Germany? This locale is only supported when and where we can’t avoid it”

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That’s right, the Inc. doesn’t even itch to write an invoice that meets the most minimal European requirements. A company can indeed do that, but I’ve never experienced it in this form.

It’s also a mystery to me how they manage to charge the credit card without 2FA. Of course I’m also aware of the technical workarounds, but I hardly know any American company anymore, at least none that boast that the European market is important to them, which doesn’t meet the EU requirements. In Texas the clocks seem to tick differently :wink:

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Their European market consists of the UK, conveniently ignoring the continent. It is not the only US company I know that has this blurred view of European geography. Even a junior high student knows better.

Lightbulb? Must be either 1) a joke I’m not getting, or 2) a platform I’m not remembering, or 3) all of the above.

trust me I’m sure there are folks still waiting on Swordfish :stuck_out_tongue:

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Heh. Now that’s a blast from the past. I do remember calling Web 1 the ‘son of Swordfish’. Maybe Web 2 should be called, ‘the bastard grandchild of Swordfish’. :stuck_out_tongue:


this reminds me to all locale translation errors and cropped buttons and texts in the IDE. They were all closed with one single explanation: The IDE is not anymore localized. Boom…

Selling a non-localised IDE as a ‘low-code tool’ to citizen developers outside the US and UK is a really great idea. I’d even say genius!

Brings us back to Mort and Phil.