There once was a time

… when Apple was on the cutting edge of innovation. They droped the 3,5" disk drive when everybody screamed to keep it. They introduced built-in Wifi first, USB, Thunderbolt, you name it. Their video and audio creation tools were top notch…

but now… they mainline macOS and iOS safari browser cannot show modern AV1 Videos, it’s free and open source and better than “their” H.265 implementation.

I am happy that I left Apple as main developing platform…

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should come in Safari 16.4, well ahead of Xojo Android.

Small disadvantage and small detail: Will only work with A17 or M3 chips. But that’s the beauty of Apple, isn’t it? Why else would you buy new hardware? </irony off>

Am I wrong or is it coming up soon? and yes, windows is the better Platform for Development (IronyOff).

Muahaha… you’re making execellent jokes

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But seriously: it is too late. Should have been implemented long time before, you are right with that. Not with the Development platform except you are developing on Linux now…