The Xojo language will be open-sourced

According to well-informed circles, the Xojo language will be open-sourced within the next weeks. It joins Java, C#, Swift and other leading languages and will enjoy fast growth and popularity. A Xojo Inc press release is imminent.


You know… after reading the latest release notes in Xojo, I have decided to take another chance, so I’ll be buying a new license as soon as my SocSec check clears… Then petition Dana to remove my TOF ban

So your announcement is just in time :slight_smile:


:raised_hands: great news!

I have created a bunch of free controls, classes and modules over at - will be free and include all old products as well; all updated to API 2.0.

imminent and Xojo in one sentence? I have now edited the validity of the cookies from this thread to April 1st, 2037.

But what would be happened if? Exactly. Nothing. Who should take care of the code? A project which needs a day to build…wahaaa. nöö. Nobody will really do that. At the end it would be a death end. There would be, as far as I can think about, no change for the project and also no change for the users.

Open source projects running with enthusiasts. With :heart: blood and with passion. Which compiler gui should that do for Xojo? No, open source will be the end of it.

Of course, I wish you every success, but wouldn’t it be even better and cooler if you used Xojo Web 2.0 instead of Wordpress?

You could install a cookie consent popup for us Europeans if you already use Google Fonts remotely, use a form, and a CDN.

And the dates look a bit API1-ish :slight_smile: . But unfortunately the mothership Xojo doesn’t do it much differently either. It is not your fault, you learned from the best.

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Instead of worrying about thousands of bugs, the community could finally focus on the essentials. VAR and DIM as synonyms are not enough for me, but my feature requests for more options (i.e. MON, TUE, WED, etc.) in API 3 are always rejected.

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The actual site behind the block page is dated 2023 :shushing_face: web 2.0 in its current state is unable to run on the current webhost. I currently pay 100% of the costs to supply end users with $1000+ in code and controls entirely free, that other devs have no problem charging you for. The medium in which is provided really shouldn’t matter at that end? Best wishes :+1:

This is about Xojo. Nothing is well-informed nor even well documented. You overdelivered on April 1st but that doesn’t fit to the roadmap either :slight_smile:

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The fire :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: is burning.

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Once again, I wish you the best of luck! In principle, I welcome the fact that the end for the plugin developers will come even faster than I predicted today:

even if I didn’t anticipate that it would happen so quickly.

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‘One language for everything’ :no_mouth:

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Yeah, there’s a lot on stake.

Yes, but that’s normal nervousness, like every year before XDC. As soon as the vision and the next steps are sharpened again, and everyone is aware of the great results of the last year, we will calm down again so that some can discover new bugs and others can auto-archive them.


Your announcement is just in time for April Fools’ Day.