The US Supreme Court just legalised bribery

… just another step on Trump’s path to turn the US into a Russian-style cleptocracy …

we had already discussed this on Discord

its shameful

EDIT : VERGOGNA is the right term I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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and today made the president a dictatorship.

Not that it’ll help anything because the current guy is just gonna give it to a despot to use.

And a BBC presenter ( neutral of course ) has suggested Biden should take the opportunity to have Trump whacked:


Well, Biden has too much decency for that … unlike Trump and the Republicans who don’t know what decency or honour even mean … which is the reason the Republicans have been running rings around the Democrats … the Democrats are still playing by the old rules and the Republicans play without rules. Don’t believe me? The Republicans complained Obama MUST NOT nominate a Supreme Court Judge in his last year as President … so Obama did not - and then the Republicans turned round and Trump nominated THREE of them in his last 100 DAYS. Etc etc etc

You can’t trust Republicans. The last one I had respect for was John McCain, and you know how shabbily he was treated by his own party for standing up for “the small guy”. As I said: Republicans - no honour, no decency, no morals.

They are playing by Putins rulebook now - the parallels between what happened in Russia on its way to a cleptocracy and the US under the Republicans and especially Trump are becoming very hard to ignore …

@SteveW: never say you didn’t know or you weren’t warned. Because I told you plenty of times, and the US is developing as I said they would …

I wouldn’t regard Joe Biden as decent, I’m old enough to remember him trying to make the USA a safe haven for terrorists on the run. Here he is fawning over a couple of his favourites, like a starry-eyed teenager getting a selfie with Taylor Swift:

He DID - Merrick Garland
But Mitch refused to have hearings to confirm him
And without confirmation hearings there was no way for his nomination to move forward

The end result is still the same but it wasnt that Obama held off
Mitch held it up with this BS rule

Look at how many current dictators started out as democratically elected
Chavez in Venezuela
Ortega in Nicaragua
And I’m sure there are others

Even if Trump is the next president…what counts is the result. And the result is that the next president of the united states can do what he wants even against the constitution if it is an official act. Because he can. With this law I guess Putin ahh Trump will stay president of US until he dies. The US democrathy dies exactly now. And there is nothing good on it for sure. Trump wanted to be like Putin and he is doing exactly that business now. To be a second Putin. Only thing I hope: that somebody will stop him before that will be happened. If it is happened there will be no way out for USA. It WILL be a corrupt and cleptocratic state and it will be gouverned by a dictator like Putin and Hitler only named Trump.

The danger behind is the power of the USA. He will do what ever he wants because nobody can reach him anymore. And he will take a shit on people. Critics? Demonstrations? Free speaking? All this will ent as soon as he becomes president. A dictator. Not more anymore.

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The Supreme Court just made it possible for the CURRENT president to cloak himself in immunity if he were to use an official act to remove his political rivals :stuck_out_tongue:

C’mon Joe !
Just DO IT !

Get rid of the orange one and make the world a better place
Same as you might take out a terrorist cell leader or something with a drone strike

Posed a clear and imminent threat to the United States & its citizens

The absurdity of it sounds like: The ending of infinity war except when hulk gets the glove to snap everyone back Hulk says using it will make him as bad as thanos so he gives the glove to thanos instead.

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Let’s go, Brandon!

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The absurdity of it all is just mind blowing.


What baffles me is that the Republicans aren’t winning - it’s that the Democrats are loosing because of their leaders’ hubris.

Biden is doing a Ruth Bader Ginsburg who gave the Republicans a Trump-enthralled Supreme Court by refusing to retire …

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The problem is: the supreme court gave the next president the permission to do what he wants if it is an official act. From murdering to start a nuclear war. And that makes it extremely dangerous especially in combination with Mr. Donald Trump. He is a dangerous person. It feels like he will never leave the white house again is he ever will be the potus again. And that will bring a big amount of changes to our world. He already told that he will a dictator for one day. But do anybody believe that he will stop to be after one day? I am not. For sure I am not. And that makes the next problem. I never believed that the US democracy can be destroyed that fast by one person. He destroyed it. Simply. After setting up his highest court following his Ideas the democracy died that day. This court is not following the laws but it predicts to make the laws following to their own rules.

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Famously, the English immigrant Thomas Paine advocated that we revolt against the Crown to form an independent country and frame a constitution to prevent the rise of a dictator “who, laying hold of popular disquietudes, may collect together the desperate and the discontented … [and] sweep away the liberties of the continent like a deluge”. To that end, Paine asked: “Where … is the King of America?” And he replied: “In America THE LAW IS KING. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be King; and there ought to be no other.”


And an interesting article showing how the law is being changed …

He needs to be impeached & removed if not jailed

You have to be careful not to take anything The Guardian writes at face value and double-check the facts. I saw an interview with Kate Bingham who ran the UK’s vaccination program and she said during that time The Guardian published a considerable number of articles about her and the program which were either misrepresentations, half-truths out of context or even complete fabrications.

You need to be more careful with whom you listen to. Bingham is more a management type, a venture capitalist more interested in business than Science (just google her and see what comes up) … but a very fitting “Tory aka UK Republicans appointment”. Her task force gave good speeches but her “success” was very limited … she was tasked with the procurement of vaccines, and you seem to have completely missed how the Tories gave multi-million pound contracts to their friend and families even though they had no track record or experience with medical procurement. Unsurprisingly they delivered cheap but completely unsuitable items while banking millions.

Not the best example to give. To be honest, I would go as far as to say you have completely embarrassed yourself with your lack of knowledge.

The Guardian were desperate for the UK vaccine roll out to be a disaster and were really butt-hurt that Bingham did a much better job than their beloved EU.

W :anchor:

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