The Sky is your limit (with or without clouds)

I have the corresponding song for this constant “millions” in the context of Xojo …


there are null million users of …jo…yes I could here this coming up between the lines :slight_smile:

I need someone stronger than me to go advertise Lifeboat if and where appropriate. I have the forum blocked by domain right now because I can’t control my attitude. Thanks whomever <3

I suggested this a long time ago, but maybe consider expanding? Like Lifeboat for PHP?

I can’t find many tools that will help with installing and choosing which versions to use other than Docker. The best I’ve found is MAMP Pro for Mac, but it’s still a bit complex. I could describe what I’d like if you need a starting point.

Sticking with Xojo will just get worse and worse.

… and the internal workings of Xojo Cloud?