The green vortex

Very true, and most Android customers don’t even yet know about the very soon rise of Xojo Android :slight_smile: - Armageddon is close.

The big amount of Developers in the Xojo environment will trigger a big change in the Android developer scene and will change the wise how android apps will be written for the future for…ahh sh.t. I am f…d up. I can’t write it even if it is dark humor, sarcastic comment. No. Not possible.

The arriving of Xojo Android will not be from interest while…there are too many developers simply developing with Android studio. Nobody will really be interested. Could be before 5 years bt now…the momentum disappeared. Long time ago.

The people really interested or even in the need of capability for android development already left that environment and changed to which solution ever and will not come back.

The sad part on it is: Xojo is a collapsing platform. There is not really much development done with it compared to C#, C++, C, Java, Flutter & Dart and somany other languages all of them a few hundred thousand times more used than Xojo. That makes it really complex for them.

And looking on it it is the way so many real good Ideas took. Death Road. Sad. Should not be so but it is like it is.

It’s reassuring to hear from you as a physicist that my fears that with the forthcoming revelation of Xojo Android the green company could turn into a black hole that will plunge us all into the abyss seems unfounded.

You as a professional medical doctor (MD) are on the wrong way. This is a complete new and different thing. It is not a black hole. This is a green hole. A black hole steals the energy not the material. The material can stay outside but the entire energy is gone. Disappeared. Try out. Use the green hole for Linux for a day and compare it with one year of Java using. You may get out. one year Java using is not consuming that amount of energy what a green hole consumes in less than a second. It is one more wonder.

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The green hole actually alters spacetime. When you get too close to the green hole, you feel the distortion of spacetime (i.e. you think Xojo for Android was released very fast). When you get sucked in further, beyond the Genius radius, you see hundreds of thousands of Xojo developers, an adequately staffed team and API2 and Web2 shine bright.

Has that’s an effect of the extraordinary physics behind. Cause the binding power is really high it comes even to CoolAid consuming of people which normally would be too intelligent for it. Later they barely remember that they drank it. That’s a fact even with really intelligent ones. And also they saw the hundreds of thousands if not hundreds of millions of developers inside the green holes. Starting with King Arthur and ending with King Charles. Even Stalin so it is said, was consumed by a green hole.

This phenomena is dangerous and exists at least since millions of years, nobody can stop it. It feels for the people inside that it was even only 20 years.

Only nice part: people becoming extremely old.

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What happens when you hit the event horizon ?
Oh wait I know
You become an employee !
Eventually though you find its a worm hole and eventually you come out the other side :slight_smile:

Because if a big there is no event horizon . Sorry but with next bug bash possibly if you vote for it. Compiler issue.

Well I still have 34 (yes 34) compiler issues open and unaddressed
Lots there for a compiler person to work on

Soon we’ll have August bash month 2.0 - hold on, the redemption is near, we can already smell it.

smell it? yeah… :poop:

I can smell things from here too but I’m pretty sure its not “bug bash” that emits that odour

JUST FWIW since last years bug bash the total # of open bugs is UP overall

Android & 2023r2 are coming !

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Really what ?
Yes there are numerous test - the image looks like ones for the compiler
It always had a decent test suite since the authors had to match certain legacy behaviours when it was redone to use LLVM instead of the old hand written single pass compiler
So in order to assure that they had matched the there were a bunch of tests dont (I think about 400 or so)

The IDE had a bunch built in for things that could be tested automatically - dont know if those still exist or only exist in debug versions or what. Nor do I know if they have expanded those much.

The frameworks - no idea. And since a LOT of the frameworks is UI related it CAN be hard to automatically test UI behaviour. So I really dont know if that has been done.
But there seem to still be lots of framework code that isnt very well tested that COULD be
Database plugins for instance ep with the changes from RecordSet to RowSet
I filed bugs there and its in could that could easily be automated to redo the tests to make sure they NEVER reappear
And then there is code like the string parsing in System.version that caused so much grief
The underlying code that reads & parsed the text would be DEAD EASY to test so you know what it can cannot handle - but that wasnt done :man_shrugging:
So until the system update it seemed to work - until it didnt
No idea if they have done extensive fuzzing of that code to see how & when it breaks (or better if the latest version STOPS parsing strings !!!)

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