The FINAL Conspiracy Theory ๐Ÿ™„

I just came up with this nice little conspiracy theory:

The FINAL Conspiracy Theory

All of the following statements are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN and CORRECT.


Even by the Scientific ESTABLISHMENT.

Cells live happily in a high CO2 low oxygen environment.

It is a FACT that high oxygen concentrations are harmful to cells as oxygen in water forms radicals that can damage DNA. That is the same process that rusts steel!

And our cells live in a watery environment! You can easily prove that by cutting yourself!

The conclusion is obvious: OXYGEN IS BAD FOR YOU.

Luckily we found a SIMPLE SOLUTION that EVERYONE can use FOR FREE!

Fellow Conspiracy Theorists of the World:


Now to publish that so Trump et al will take the advice :stuck_out_tongue:

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Next thing you know TRUMP will try and say copious amounts of Hydrogen Dioxide is good for youโ€ฆgeez

That is the most useles conspiracy theory.

Just because you are not blaming someone that people really needs to blame someone for all of their problems :rofl:

Maybe grey aliens pumping the oxigen in the atmosfere? :shushing_face:

oooh so thats what Area 51 is for ???

Addendum: Itโ€˜s Ivanโ€˜s fault!

sorry, I meant dihydrogen monoxide

We know โ€ฆ :wink:

Though since hydrogen dioxide (better known as dihydrogen dioxide aka H2O2 aka hydrogen peroxide) is a bleaching agent Trump could still tout it as a Covid-19 cure โ€ฆ :roll_eyes:

Hydrogen Dioxide and DiHydrogen Dioxide are NOT the same compound

DiHydrogen Dioxide = H202 = Hydrogen Peroxide
but not the same as dihydrogen monoxide = H20 = plain water :smiley:

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Huh? What are you talking about?

Hydrogen Dioxide is H-O-Oโ€ข, a highly reactive radical compound which is a short-lived intermediate form in the formation of Dihydrogen Dioxide H-O-O-H (which is why the two words are often equated colloquially ( :thinking: though I guess someone we know is likely to burst a blood vessel if you do that around her :face_with_head_bandage:).

And I would NEVER say that Dihydrogen Dioxide was the same as Dihydrogen Monoxide - thatโ€™s just crazy talk :crazy_face:

Folks are gonna think they stumbled into some kind of enclave of meth makers with all this chemical talk.

Iโ€™d best get outside and grab some O2 :slight_smile:

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THATโ€™S DANGEROUS! :scream:

Didnโ€™t you pay attention???

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There is a remedy for that. you just need to take some Hydroxylic acid at 4% diluted in watter every day yand you will be inmune to the evit 02.

Looking at the rise on chlorine dioxide sales, maybe will be more profitable to sell this kind of things than making software :thinking:

Unfortunately drugs have always been more profitable than anything else :crazy_face:

I donโ€™t really get the human obsession with drugging yourself, be it nicotine, alcohol, magic mushrooms, cannabis, cocaine, crystal meth or what not. As a youth we always wanted to be ourself - did people not like what they saw when they found out what they actually are that they try to make themselves dependent on chemicals at the earliest opportunity?

I have being Hydroxylic acid dependent for some years now :unamused:

I know that itโ€™s water :roll_eyes:, I was referring to you saying drugs seem more profitable. I just donโ€™t get the point of drugs โ€ฆ but then I also really hated โ€œBreaking Badโ€ โ€ฆ

Maybe that explains the human reaction in the morning looking in a mirror ?
Ugh !

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