The EU and its regulatory actions

EU citizens did not get to vote for Ursula Fonda Lyin or her predecessor, Jean-Claude Drunkard, nor anybody that wields any power in the EU, they only get to vote for the rubber-stampers and history shows they never dissent.

But it’s worse than that - take the EU constitution as an example, it was rejected by the electorate of FR and NL in national referendums. Did the EU and its supporters accept the democratic will as expressed? No, the text of the EU constitution was copied and pasted into the Lisbon Treaty and FR and NL were denied a vote second time around. They were railroaded into something they had expressly rejected.

At the time in the UK prior to the general election the Labour party promised the British electorate a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty but then reneged on it once in power thus the UK was also railroaded in without a say.

During the Eurozone debt crisis the democratically elected government of Italy was swept aside and replaced with a puppet regime for refusing to subject the Italian population to the level of austerity the EU deemed appropriate.

After the UK voted to leave the EU it’s supporters in the UK refused to accept the outcome, they conspired with the EU to sabotage the UK’s negotiations with the idea they would pitch the deal they had sabotaged against remaining in the EU in a so-called “confirmatory vote”. They tried to overturn the real referendum with a rigged second referendum.

And as you look across the EU now you see a rise in political parties that are rather more extreme in their positions but the supporters of the EU are blind to the fact that they are the ones causing it rather than antidote to it.

Many people from UK did not wanted to exit. Many wanted. So what. Democrathy is dealing with it. Some things are better, some not. Something what I call democratic.

Ven der Leaen is not elected by EU citizens. That is something I hate also. But on the other hand: the commission can’t decide. All decisions done by the parlament. And this people are elected. Every single one of them.

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I am not a fan of both politicians. However, this thread became a profanity contest, I am silencing it. Enjoy yourselves.


Steve, for some reason you are unique to this forum as a person who seems familiar with history and politics as well as programming. The Truth makes for a dearth of bedfellows at times, but it’s often worthwhile in the long run. For instance, some programming greats back in the day–like the recently deceased John Walker of AutoCad fame-- believed that critical thinking on social issues often makes for cleaner code. I can’t prove it, but perhaps the obverse is also true.

Profanity? Is the President of the EU now considered a deity?

The Commission is the only EU institution that can initiate legislation, you only get to vote for their rubber-stampers. The only thing the rubber-stampers have ever blocked is having their expenses claims made available for public scrutiny.

Oh, when I was griping about the lack of respect for democracy I forgot to mention the Catalans whose leaders got banged up in prison and whose voters had the bejeezus battered out of them for trying to exercise their right to self determination.

  1. not really true
  2. what do the commision or the parlament has to do with catalans? That is a national story not an EU one. Has nothing to do with EU. And Puigdemont has not done something real democratic. He had only a few of the people behind. The rest said no to it. You can’t do that in real. And putting him in prison is the real reaction of a state when somebody like him does something not legal. So in short.

Really true

It is the reaction of an authoritarian state not of a plural democracy. Putting pro-independence politicians in prison further justifies the Catalans’ claim to self-determination, it proves they are a mistreated minority. As does the Spanish police battering Catalan citizens senseless for merely trying to vote.

In this case it is so like I said. Possibly you are not informed: spain is a state. And catalans are a part of spanish state. They can not say hey we are not spain anymore. It will not work. Not in spain. Not in germany. Not in america. What if Wisconsin says we are not USA anymore? Impossible. For sure. The politician was not doing what he was supposed to do. He has tried to work against the law. And that’s it. He deserves to be in prison.

States are not immutable.

Most European Countries ( not Spain for obvious reasons ) recognized Kosovo when it unilaterally declared independence from Serbia.

Croatia and Slovenia both declared independence from Yugoslavia, now they are EU member states and Yugoslavia no longer exists.

Czechoslovakia no longer exists either, the Czechs and Slovaks amicably agreed to go their separate ways.

I don’t know about Wisconsin but the idea of secession has been discussed in both California and Texas.
Scotland had a referendum on independence from the UK and likewise Quebec on leaving Canada.

Plaid Cymru is a Welsh political party that campaigns for Welsh independence and the English Democrats party campaign for independence for England.

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Yugoslavia was a sowjet pressed construction cause it would fall apart before while it was not a state at all.

Kosovo went out of Serbia while Serbian Army killed kosovo people. Without that war they would not leave.

Chechia and Slovenia where independent before. Also a sowjet pressed construction which imploded after Sowjet implosion.

Neither California and also not Enland are separatet. In case of the spanisch laws it is impossible to step out.

By the way: The catalnonian gouvernment decided not to leave in the end. It would result in a poor place after kicked out of EU while not part of the EU. They know that and they know that there is no existance possible for that state. Do the people want to live in poorness? I gues snot. That nobody told them.

Beside that: they could not leave like they thought. So it is not a question of wanting. It is a question of the law situation.

Let me think about Texas would leave USA. It would end up in many problems for Texas. So there is the reason why they are still part of the US.

May be you are separatist. Good for you or not. Not my problem. My problem is when extremists are believing they can form a state like they want. They can not and that yis good like it is.

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