The devil you know

I’m 90% sure I’ll move ahead with Xojo on the deskop at least. Are there better options? Maybe. Probably. But they’d have to be significantly and obviously better as I’d have to navigate a new platform, workflow, and maybe even language. The idea of using Elements Compiler held my attention for awhile. It’s about the same price as Xojo ($799 a year). And I programmed in Pascal in the early to mid-90’s (and VB is an option too). The B4X is something I’ll continue to follow but the same issues apply, there are too many unknown unknowns. Xojo may not be perfect, and maybe I’ll come to regret my decision, but i feel like there are more known knowns and even known unknowns. I’m choosing the devil i know.

As for web and mobile. i don’t have any immediate plans. I’ve made a couple Xojo 1.0 sites that were fairly basic and did the job. One is still being used by a former employer last I heard. I’ll cross that bridge when i get to it, but i’ve got a fairly good python background now so that’s always an option.

Does anyone know if the Desktop license also includes the version control formal?



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Desktop I believe does

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I agree with you about the desktop. I’m trying to investigate/test the other offerings (mostly B4X and LiveCode) because I have mobile and web goals on the horizon for some projects. I’ve been able to delay those for a while, but eventually they’re going to be a must-have, and I don’t have confidence in Xojo to deliver on those platforms.

If another platform proves capable of delivering on all platforms with at least the same productivity of Xojo on desktop, then it’s a no brainer. But I fear I’ll be forced to do as others have and use different systems for different platforms.


Yes, the idea of using the same code across all platforms is hard to resist. Although the current Xojo IDE requires you to import all that shared code into each project. Not ideal but a devil that I know, so to speak. Norman has suggested a universal project which would make it very seductive. Obviously, I’d love for the web and mobile to be tenable options. Maybe 2021 is the year we see Xojo make some strides in that direction. I’m just not going to plan anything around that possibility.

Huh??? Can you elaborate?

Or maybe just clarify. It isn’t true if you’re doing xplat on the desktop. But if you want to make a webapp using the same code you’ll need to import those classes, modules, and event code.

The same is true of all platform targets you want to use that code in
HOW you import it could be any one of several ways
Actually import it so you have the source in each target (multiples copies blech !)
External items work for some things
SVN externals or git sub repositories

But yes in order to use code across targets it has to exist in a way the IDE can compile it

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What is Technical Support “Normal” ?

When I was pro, I never get anything (link/url for example) about that.

I’m the wrong person to ask since I have a Pro+ license and mostly dont get anything fixed regardless

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Norm does not run a post apocalyptic bike delivery service! :wink:

(Who knows what I am talking about? )


:thinking: I don’t even know if I’m too young or too old for that … :exploding_head:

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I’m out too. Clearly not the Hitchhiker’s Guide, my main source of culture. Just reminded me of last year’s Youtube episode where Jay Leno is driving a Tesla Cybertruck together with Elon Musk, who brags about the bulletproof glass because he “wants to be leader in post-apocalypse technology”.
I hope that’s not a joke ageing very badly.
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