TextInputCanvas and iOS

This is mostly aimed at @MonkeybreadSoftware since I am currently using his build of the TextInputCanvas but is there any chance that this control can be compiled for iOS now that Xojo iOS now supports plugins?

iOS would mean a rewrite for iOS.
Similar code, but UI* instead of NS* classes at least.

Does iOS control hierarchy and the various delegates that need to be implemented match up well with the macOS ones ?
It does seem a big job and IF it were an “officially supported control” …

What kind of timeframe / financial commitment would that require Christian? I imagine it wouldn’t happen from Xojo since they haven’t publicly touched the GitHub repo for quite some time.

I think there’s a lot of value in it for iOS.

I am just doing this on request by clients. Usually one of the bigger clients needs it and doesn’t bother putting a few hours into something like this.

Not sure, but I would budget a day for an iOS rewrite.


How close a port do you think you could make it for iOS? I have a complex subclass of TextInputCanvas (essentially a code editor). Could you mimic the class sufficiently on iOS to make an iOS port of my subclass viable?