TextArea on Windows two end of line result in no end of line

This bug report and it’s outcome illustrates perfectly why I stopped using Xojo after just a few months of evaluation:
Xojo is NOT a low code tool and struggles to abstract platform specifics when it is really important to do so (like in text handling).
If for different OSes specific code is required, it can hardly be considered as ‘cross-platform’.
I am appalled by Xojo Inc’s attitude to just close this kind of bug reports, declaring the issue as ‘by design’ and throw the workload for workarounds at developers, who pay for a license.


This is an example where “by design” becomes the catch-all for “we don’t want to fix it”. The true stated reason is “too niche to bother with”. There seems to be an aversion to even simple fixes when they can convince themselves hardly anyone will notice or complain.

The problem of course is that if 1 person complains likely 10 have encountered it and 100 just haven’t noticed their wonky textboxes.

Years ago (pre-Internet) I was visiting a client site and noticed a bug in one of my accounting software customizations. I fixed it and asked the user why she hadn’t told me about it. Her answer was, “I figured it was my fault somehow so I just worked around it”. This is the danger of the “no one has complained yet” maneuver: it’s still negatively impacting their product experience and simple pride of craftsmanship should make that bother you and want to deny your competitors the opportunity to give your users a better experience.

I used it as a teachable moment – I told her that if something is broken it’s probably MY fault and she shouldn’t have to suffer with it. I made her promise to report these things to me in the future and in turn promised her that if she WAS doing something wrong I would (kindly) tell her so but I want to make sure everything is as perfect as it can reasonably be.

What I did NOT do was skip the 15 minutes it took to diagnose and repair the problem because since No One Has Complained Yet it must not be worth addressing.


Only one person complained so it cant be that big a deal

annoyed the h e double hockey sticks out of me

I cant speak for anyone else who worked there at the time

A bug is a bug and if you haven’t hit it yet you’ve been lucky

How many people hit those sorts of things and think “Oh surely someone else has hit this & reported it” ?
And so it may go unreported because EVERYONE thinks “surely someone else has reported it”

How many have wondered “Is it my code?” and just altered code to avoid doing whatever it is they were doing. And if that now WORKS they think “Oh heck I must have done something wrong. Bad me I’ll know better next time”

Cumulatively that question of “is it my code or a bug?” then starts to infect everything you do


Yep. That’s why I don’t bother with Xojo now. Now I know it’s my bug. :slight_smile: