Text encodings between macos and windows?

@JeanYves what FONT are you using ? That can have an impact since it may not contain all the glyphs for whatever you have in the UTF-8 strings

in xojo IDE macos the controlitems have the “system” font.

Are you using special unicode characters ?
its possible the font doesnt have those glyphs

french accentuated characters like éèàù
they are ok on macos and xojo ide, but bad on win7 or win 10.

you think I should choose another font ? a common one between mac and win ?

All the system fonts have those glyphs. You are doing something wrong with the strings

you may be right, in fact the accent problem is only in textareas.
in labels I have font size problem, it seems bigger in windows than macos
so the page setup is not the same between platforms.

the texts are stored inside an sqlite database, encoded in UTF8.
reading strings with macos the accents are ok.

hmm simple ones like that I would expect should work

and you DEFINITELY call DefineEncoding on the string values when you read them FROM the DB ?

I did not call defineencodings when reading from the DB, but now I do and it is the same.
stepping through the code with remotedebugger shows the string is really an UTF8
in fact the string is then sended into an htmlviewer, and it is this htmlviewer that displays the string differently under windows than macos.
what encoding does the htmlviewer suppose ? is there a way to specify it ?

well … :blush:

still I don’t understand what you did to encode the charset as utf8 for the htmlviewer !

c is the string I send to the htmlviewer. I added :

c = "<head> <meta charset=""UTF-8""></head><body>" + c + "</body>"
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