Isn’t Testflight supposed to send a new email out to all the testers when I upload a new version? If not, how are they supposed to download the updates?

I cannot believe how convoluted Apple makes this

I recall getting an update when new versions were posted for other apps.

well sigh, that doesn’t seem to be happening :frowning:

I thought that users were supposed to get a notification in TestFlight there was a new version
Kind of like from the App store where when you start your iOS device there’s a notification

I dont recall an email with each new version

Rod… I have read that… and it doesn’t answer the question… it just says that others have asked it

Ok… I thought they’d get a new email … turns out the notification after the intial one goes out via Testflight itself…

My sister just emailed me to tell me that is how she was notifieid.

Dave… It does answer it, in the answers section underneath. The top voted answer has a detailed description of how it works.