Temporary Font activation on Windows

Has anyone got code that this works on Windows ?
I’m not getting an error from the MBS plugin but the font also doesnt show up in the Xojo System.FontAt calls either

Xojo may Not update its font list just because a plugin enabled a font!

This works for me: Embed custom AppFonts

I think I have had issues with Fonts that had the same name, but come in different variations.
Such as: “FontName Black”, “FontName Light”, “FontName Medium”, “FontName Roman”.

My workaround then has been to rename the Font Names in the custom FontFiles to have a unique name… I just don’t remember which Tool I’ve used for that.

Ah, and there might be an issue with “long font names”: feedback://showreport?report_id=54696
Again - the same workaround.

Yeah so I’ve discovered thanks to a bug report you put in
I’ll have to do something different for the font selector panel this app has to get the current list of active fonts

It would be nice to have: 62023: Expose function to refresh Xojo’s font list

Almost surprised you can’t hook the framework to call that function when you enable a font temporarily

Ah well … I’ll just use the MBS font functions to get the right list

Excellent choice!

This will just be rewrite # 2 of this bit of code :frowning: