Tech Writer Position

Guessing either GP got bored or they finally convinced him to get someone that can do the job properly.


I hear one of the “perks” is 10% of an Xojo Desktop License…

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@thorstenstueker you are big into technical writing, aren’t you? And it is part time only, perhaps you can squeeze that task into your workload?

A a big plus you’ll probably have to work closely with the CEO and learn something from the best.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if I’ll survive this post. Germany is a rather small country …


No idea one way or the other

Maybe he finally found something else to spend his time on ?
Some other thing to chase to add to Xojo’s arsenal ?
Got tired of getting beat up about how fugly the new docs are ?

I’m sure folks could dream up a million other reasons

Heh - maybe I should apply JUST for entertainments sake :slight_smile:


I think I heard an explosion :slight_smile:


Apple Vision Pro? Too much work helping Paul with Android? Too many commitments to spam the LiveCode forums … who knows …

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speculate away !

Busy with devising API3.


It is actually a good thing that the CEO let go this quixotic quest for being a tech writer.
If they do not fundamentally change how they make strategical decisions in product development, the new tech writer will soon write Xojo’s obituary.


Be careful what you wish for :upside_down_face:
For no money in the world I would work for a grandiose narcissist. It is a horror experience.

Oh I have NO doubt my resume wouldn’t make the cut :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, I will apply to it. Only two conditions:

I am allowed to write about the technical debts and craps and I am allowed to write about the alternatives without the debts and craps. And I am, a third condition, allowed to write about the possibilities the company could spend to the users with an lts release model and that they should and why they should to squeeze the CEO for it.

In that case I would do that for free!



So I assume they fixed the 3 main problems I had with it.

  • Terrible search system made it difficult to find what I was looking for. Old docs were spot on.
  • Massive pages where the item I need was buried and I had to hunt. Old docs were to the point.
  • Ugly UI that was terribly inconsistent with the development platform. Toolbar buttons from the year 2000.

Fixed ?
I dont think so
Not yet at least

The wiki wasnt perfect but it was preferable in many ways
Why I made GitHub - npalardy/SimpleLRBrowser

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So basically the new paid position is not to fix any problems, it’s to continue to apply lipstick.

Dunno what the purpose is beyond what they posted

We’d be speculating at best If its to fix any specific issues in the existing doc system (lord we can wish !)
Maybe revise the layout to be more usable
Or what I do not know

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Well, those 3 problems are more in the lipstick side. I know, the presentation also counts, that is why I still use the Built in API 1 docs.

But, the long lasting and the main problem of the docs is The content sucks, bad examples, lack of examples, short entries, lot of nonsense, etc, etc, etc.

If they get someone who knows what he is doing with the content, at least is a step in the right direction.

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But the main trouble is in the text by itelf, not the content displayer (even if the wiki is better).

Yes, all of these, and missing syntax (sqlite for example).

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I think G. is just tired of the criticism about the docs pointing to him. With a technical writer he can blame someone else… :grin:

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This has a fallback automatism