Tech vendors have been hiking prices by up to 24% amid inflation

How did your favourite software vendors handle it?

Xojo Pro price went up 14% ($699 → $799)
Xojo Lite up 50.5% ($99 → $149)
Desktop, iOS & web up 33 % ($299 → $399)

Xcode up 0%
VS Mac up 0%

EDIT : missed desktop so added that
Thanks @Karen

In my opinion Apple dev tools are a different story. Apple makes money among other things with the hardware and some % from the sales in their app stores.

With the introduction of M2 systems in Germany they had included higher prices for the inflation.

I favorite open source dev tech stacks. So here you will see inflation when you have to buy new hardware.

I donate to several projects. Here I have to see if I update the amount. This is challenging as my income did not receive any inflation bonus so far.

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Desktop too…


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Added value for customers: API2 and some sordid string parsing :crazy_face:

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Ah yes
I just went off their blog post and apparently missed that one :slight_smile:

It is not as bad, don’t forget that you get the opportunity to test software together with the engineers. Plus the hand crafted documentation by the CEO is included and you can give thumbs up to vote on new features. The DRR-feature(*) is for free as is a free Mail Inbox (hello@)

(*) Dynamic Random Roadmap.

Far too many days that hello@ seems more like blackhole@

I suppose that depends on whether you’re a booster or not

Well it is for free, what do you expect? :slight_smile:

in reality ?
common courtesy and respect and a reply
EVEN if the reply is “yeah we’re not going to …”

not just a ghosting

yes or at least an autoforwarding to tinder. Whatever, we only want something useful. An auto-responder could do miracles :slight_smile:

So INN will also be more expensive? instead of 0,00,- $ it may cost 00,00$ Man… :slight_smile:

at this point it costs < $20 a month to run
so no we’re not charging for usage
not for along time :slight_smile: