Now that Teamviewer has cut off legacy versions,

  1. are there any law suits that I can join?
  2. any recommendations for an alternative?

I only use TV occasionally, but it is vital to my operation



Curious, why there would be a lawsuit?

look at AnyDesk

I am curious too. why would there be a lawsuit?

My guess is that many people bought “perpetual licenses” and those will expire.

This is corporate bullying by TV
If I can join a lawsuit that would be a small payback.
Just to make life more difficult for them, same as they have made my life more difficult.
Any money I would get out of it just be small change

yes, there is more money in annual fees

I stopped using TV when they decided I was using it too much.
I use Zoom or AnyDesk now.

how much is too much???

Oh, they’ll let you know!

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How many times for u use for a day?? And usually how long??

No idea. Can’t remember.
Just use it for free until they shut you down. Then move on to another solution.

I use it a lot since over a decade.
Even before the days of the annual subscription they had a way of making you upgrade to a “perpetual” licence for the new version.
Your customers would be on free licences and they would be prompted to upgrade to the latest version. Since it cost them nothing they would to get rid of the nag message if nothing else.
Then the next time you tried to help them you got the message “Sorry for technical reasons it is not possible to connect to a newer version, do you wish to upgrade?”
So of course you had to in order to continue to help your customers.
At least this new policy is more honest in that regard.
However they have become an increasingly unpleasant company to deal with.
This is because they were sold out to venture capitalists for over $1 billion about 5 or so years ago and then later they sold to other venture capitalists for maybe even half as much again not too long after and these guys are busy squeezing every last penny they can from the customer base whilst at the same time reducing the quality of their customer service.
I have found that the product itself has become slower and I get far more failures to connect than I did in the past.

Not really. I allways said to the customers that the version 13 was needed and if they had another it will not work.

But, for those who installed a newer version, I sent them a link to a QuickSupport module, so they can keep its version and also get support with my version.

They are worst than Xojo with the QA, they rush new features to have a reason to extort its customer to renew, so you if you use the latest version you are stuck with bugs all the time. So, I better keep my “perpetual” version than be traped in that again.

The only thing bothering me now, are the calls to upgrade :roll_eyes: