Tauri development articles

@Jeannot has written some articles on his experiences with Tauri, check 'em out.

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Thanks Sam, especially for App Wrapper, I wouldn’t have wanted to kneel in the Apple madness ;-). I was just interested in whether it is possible and easy to get a tauri app in the store. And both statements are true.

One wouldn’t have to create a Typescript front end either, the various Rust UIs would also work (cross platform), iced or egui, for example. But there is still a lot of movement and unrest in the scene.

Rust-based frameworks like yew are interesting, but still too young. In principle, you would then have to tinker your own layout with CSS. I still don’t want to re-invent the wheel.

https://www.egui.rs/ is very easy and interesting but intermediate mode with all it’s pros and cons, but ton of examples, but still not comparable to all what you can do with Typescript and frameworks. But you can customize egui quite a bit to your liking.

Btw. I developed the backend functionality in rust, and will continue to do so, but no one needs to know much rust for using tauri. It can basically convert your vue3, react, angular code etc. easily to a desktop app w/o knowing rust. And on windows it will even compile you a windows installer (wix).

Cross-compiling from macOS to windows s not possible from silicone unlike e.g. with go and https://fyne.io. So you need to use a virtualized OS and rust compiling is then rather slow, even on a high performance machine. I’m simply using Github actions for that, which run smoothly well.

That’s pretty much my plan for further articles, once I will find time for those :wink:


Well thank you for taking the time to write up your experiences, its good to get concrete information on what other tools are available, but also what can be done with them.

I am pleased that App Wrapper was able to work for Tauri apps, if you run into any complications with code signing, app store and what not, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll try my best to get it up and running.


App Wrapper is great, because I knew it and t’s foolproof. Tauri has good documentation, but why read 3 pages when you only have to click 3 buttons on your tool ;-). Especially as Tauri 1.2 is still using the deprecated method altool and not the notarytool (will only come in one of the next releases).

Not sure what you are using, expecially as App Wrapper seems to be still Intel only, but it works, so I don’t care :wink:


yes was suprised to read that in the nice article of jeannot
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here is a chance to promote ur app to tauri ecosystem and bring additionnal revenues

you should @samRowlands in this and I’m sure he would comment