Swift - Unhandled Exceptions

Swift seems to have the standard array of error tools TRY/CATCH, THROW etc.
which are all well and good if you know where particular errors might occur.

But the app I have (PILOT) could have issues with something the user entered that might “look” ok to the parser, but when it is executed, it goes boom.

I have searched for how to handle these on a app wide basis… I want to at least tell the user, “Hey the reason your app is frozen is because it crashed”

“Xojo for iOS” has the same “Xojo UnhandledException” event, does anyone know how they implemented that? or is it something the compiler threads throughout the code basically wrapping things in a massive TRY/CATCH? OR???

That has more to do with how the app is constructed by Xojo and then run by the runtime

If you get a crash log you will often see this (handy to know how to crash a Xojo app at will fwiw)

see frame # 29 which has “CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling”
Thats about where Xojo sets up everything so they can catch app wide exceptions