Swift UIButton wierdness

I have an app with a row of buttons along the bottom edge of an iPad (like a toolbar)

Running in the simulator , it works perfectly for every device simulation EXCEPT an iPad 9.7"

for that device, no matter where on the screen I tap, it THINKS I tapped the first button in the toolbar

EDIT : it seems to work properly on a REAL 9.7" iPad, :frowning:
seems the Simualtor is 9.7" iPad PRO

Touch at (926.4999389648438, 326.9999694824219)
 Optional("Home") : (0.0, 704.0, 113.77777777777777, 64.0)

top line is where I really touchedā€¦ 2nd line is where it called the ā€œHOMEā€ button, obviously the coordiantes are no even close

Bug in Swift UI?

not sureā€¦ it was working earlier this morningā€¦

LOLā€¦ no ideaā€¦ but it seems I shut down Xcode, shutdown all the simulators, restartedā€¦ and it works againā€¦

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The restart remedy. I love IT!

at least I didnā€™tneed the ā€œREFORMATā€ method :slight_smile:

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