Swift : Safearea bug?

I have some Swift code that internally sets the app to be PORTRAIT only for each view
when the app starts, it creates the view properly. If I rotate the phone to landscape, and run the app, it still does it properly (the view is oriented the same way as before)

HOWEVER… the safearea values are NOT the same. When the device is physically in portrait the top inset is 20, but when I turn it the top inset is 0, but in both cases the width and height are correct

with the device upright the safe area is (0.0, 20.0, 375.0, 647.0)
with the device landscape the safe area is (0.0, 0.0, 375.0, 667.0)

Now not to confuse the APP orientation to the DEVICE orientation. The APP is told to be portrait, meaning the top of the view is at the SAME location regardless of the DEVICE orientation

I did discover that if I UNCHECK the landscape selection under “General” it works

However, I’m trying to add another view that will actually be LANDSCAPE,