Swift on Windows

Seems to be coming along nicely:

cool part is there is some kind of ui tool kit as well !

EDIT : and this makes @DaveS project of converting Xojo code to Swift much more interesting

At least it has a DatePicker ot of the box :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:, maybe xojo will have one in the next years

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This is interesting, I had all but given up on seeing a real implementation of Swift on Windows. I had looked into server side Swift using Vapor, which looked really nice. I might have to revisit that again.

Isn’t there a Date Picker in Xojo 2020r1 ?

Is this toolkit x-platform ?
I’m really not keenly interested in writing one UI for Windows, one for macOS and yet another for Linux

Not for Desktop

Well, it has a stepper and stepperLabel usually found on iOS, so, maybe it is x-platform.