Swift/Objc - Close the "About" dialog

To show the Apple Standard About Dialog, one calls


but does anyone know how to close it PROGRAMMATICALLY?

sharedApplication keeps a list of windows so … locate it in there and close it ?
somehow that just feels wrong though

Well this seems to work… but might cause issues if other types of “panels” are visible

for  w in theApp.windows {
   if w.className=="NSPanel" { w.close(); break }

Oh… THANKS!!! :slight_smile:

Why would you need to close it programmatically?
It’s a standard about window, and that behavior isn’t standard :innocent:

Because it is shown on App Start, and since it is not modal, the user can begin using the app (including shutting it down) and that window remains. I need to close it when ever the user clicks anything else in the app…

If I can SHOW it programmatically , I need/want to CLOSE it programmatically

Or like the color paletter that seems to get “remembered” as being open when you quit an app
It shows up on app restart and so you may need to close that in the app.open event
I’ve run into this one