Swift : Mac (Designed for iPad) Caveat

It seems if you write a LANDSCAPE app for the iPad and expect to also run in on a M-series Mac, the Mac does NOT emulate a landscape “size” it acts as if it were PORTRAIT… which is an issues, assuming you had good reason the make it LANDSCAPE in the first place

Thats interesting. My Xojo iPad apps run in landscape on my M2, so it can be done…

The key is to specify .landscape and NOT .landscapeLeft or .landscapeRight

For those that thought this was funny.

Xojo offers TWO orientations

  • Portrait
  • Landscape

While Xcode offers FIVE

  • Portrait
  • PortraitUpsideDown
  • Landscape
  • LandscapeLeft
  • LandscapeRight

Where only Portrait and Landscape seem to affect iOS apps running on the Mac
the others seem to affect only if running on iPhone/iPad exclusively

If Xojo offers any of the other three, I can find no evidence of such

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