Swift... Is there a way to use empty Key

On the numeric keypad on iPhone there is an empty key (used by [.] on decimal pad)

Does anyone know if there is a way to use this? Would like to move my [Next] key there

define a custom keyboard of your own ?
or custom input view

If you want to provide a custom keyboard for people to use only while they’re in your app, consider creating a custom input view instead.


thought of that… read a dozen articles and not a damn one makes sense and none provide any real world examples

A custom view might work, but I’d ahve to end up mixing real keyboards with custom…as there are some fields that use ascii, and some that use numpad

yeah the articles do say to use a custom view if you want it only in your app

and a keyboard extension / custom keyboard for system wide use

how to ? … not a clue … yet :slight_smile:

I might be able to use a custom UIInputView… am experimenting now

SUCCESS… created a class the supports 4 keyboard types. This one is for TIME