Swift ios13 - UIView color issue

Hope someone might have some insight, the internet isn’t much help :frowning:

I have an app with an underlying UIView that holds the contents for the “screen”… the main reason is that I need specific colored rectangles under the controls.

However… while this all works in the simulator on iOS version <13, when I simulate ios13 the underlying UIView container is BLACK… Same code… even simulating same device, just different iOS… is Black on real device too

well tracked it down to my navigation bar… it I DON’T put it on the view, all is fine, if I DO, then the background is black…

I guess that was one of those cases where as soon as you ask for help you find the solution.

Happens to me all the time … maybe I should short-circuit the process and just ask?

Didn’t figure out WHY it was happening… just WHERE… and only with iOS13
so I just made a custom “navbar” of my own for now…