Swift IDE Actions

as I have mentioned before, I am creating my own IDE for use with Swift (mostly to reduce the work and eliminate the need for AL and IB).

I have a design window created, and a “generic” control (just a rectangle) to test all the layout actions.

the actions that I have defined are

  • Select a single control and resize or move it
  • Select multiple controls by holding Shift Key
  • Select multiple control by dragging a frame around them
  • Resize the base window

can anyone think of a layout oriented action that I did not list. I would like to get all the actions defined and working before I make the controls less generic


I can’t think of anything else offhand and I assume you are working out alignment aids for “snapping” to adjacent controls or maybe to an optional grid. Those features are ubiquitous in designers although I confess that half the time I end up moving controls a pixel at a time with the arrow keys anyway… The only thing I’ve never seen in a designer is some visual cue in that one-pixel-at-a-time mode that tells you you’ve got it vertically (if using up or down arrow) or horizontally (otherwise) aligned with the control adjacent. I don’t trust my eyes anymore and end up checking the top / left etc properties of some other control and then comparing to make sure I’m exactly there.

yes as noted by the toolbar at the top, there will be actions to allign controls with each other

oops… those were visible on that screen shot :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,
I can’t see it in the image, is there a way to type in coordinates?
I find it convenient if the coordinates are displayed and editable when multiple selected items have the same x for example.
Layering order - i.e. a way to bring one control above another.
I have used some graphic programs that move one pixel with the arrow keys, but move 5 or 10 pixels if the shift or control key is held down.

I come from a printing/graphics background, so maybe these are not a big deal to others.


Yes… there is a property inspector just like Xojo has

And another question: Any chance this will ever run on linux?


none what so ever, sorry

this is the full screen of the IDE as it exists right now.
The Project Tree on the Left and Property Inspector on the right are not fully operational yet


This is build using Xojo?

No… I abandoned Xojo years ago… This is a 100% Swift project