Swift for Mac OS Question (Cocoa, more specifically)

I know there are a few on this forum who have successfully made the transition to Swift for Mac OS (or added to their skill set at least.)

In trying to make transition myself I don’t find the Swift language itself to be my issue. Rather picking up Cocoa, in all of it’s complexity and depth, is the problem for me.

I would appreciate hearing recommendations for resources to pick up Swift – specifically for Mac OS development. (there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of info on iOS dev.)


I find myself in the same boat as you. iOS docs are a dime a dozen, but macOS/Cocoa docs are hard to find, and when you do they is not enough context to make sense.

As I posted earlier today… I am diving head first into Swift for macOS (been doing it for iOS for a while).

An example. for iOS I figured out a UICollection quite easily… but having trouble figuring out NSCollection :frowning:

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Welcome !

The language for Cocoa (Swift and to a decreasing amount Objective-C) arent huge & complex

Cocoa, and all the other toolkits like AppKit etc are definitely gigantic topics in their own right

I’ve liked the Aaron Hillegass books
And they have decent blog posts etc (although they really want you to hire them or go to the Big Nerd Ranch)
I just had a quick perusal and they dont seem to have as many mac specificbooks or training courses as they once did
Thats too bad as the cocoa books are/were excellent

Right… I think I recall reading one of the Hillegass books years ago – I believe it was an Obj-C book. I do wish BNR had an updated one devoted to today’s Mac OS dev.

like so many other companies they too are “following the trend” and you can see that in how many books & classes are now mobile oriented (ios and android topics)

Yeah, I get that.
I suppose what surprises me, though, is that desktop is considered (evidently by the market) to be of so much less interest than mobile these days. My gut feeling is that those of us that are looking for Mac OS resources aren’t a small number.

No doubt I’m wrong… yet again. :expressionless:

Desktops of all kinds are still important - just not as plentiful as mobile users